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          Community and Environment


          Sustainability is part of our DNA. Our innovative products and solutions inherently enable our customers to make the world more sustainable – in the sky with more efficient next-generation aircraft, on the road with lighter, lower-emission vehicles, and in our cities with cleaner power and smart, energy-saving buildings.


          Our Communities

          We are passionate promoters of education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. This year, Arconic Foundation will contribute a significant investment to expand STEM education opportunities for diverse and underserved audiences.

          Visit the Arconic Foundation site


          Our Planet

          Our customers need products and technologies that improve efficiency, save energy, and conserve resources—without compromising performance. This intersection is where we excel.

          View our sustainability report

          View our EHS policy

          View our Health and Safety Statement


          Our People

          We are serious about protecting and promoting the health, safety and well-being of every Arconic employee. Our goal is to send our employees home every day in better condition than when they came to work.

          View our sustainability report


          Manufacture Your Future

          We are cultivating the manufacturing masterminds of the future. Arconic Foundation and Discovery Education have partnered to launch “Manufacture Your Future,” a free online destination that inspires students in grades three through twelve to explore the advanced manufacturing careers of the future.

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          women engineers

          Society of Women Engineers

          Arconic Foundation is partnering with the Society of Women Engineers' Collegiate Coaching Program in an effort to help female engineering students be successful as they enter the workforce.

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          We Hire Heroes

          Through the Hiring our Heroes program, Arconic Foundation partners with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to support veterans in finding meaningful employment.

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